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19/06/2020 New pictures page added, gigography updated, live recording added
06/03/2020 20th anniversary tidy up
14/12/2008 1 picture added
23/03/2008 Big In Japan Peel Session & Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping added to Downloads page.
03/11/2007 Gigography added. Thanks to Rinaldo for providing it.
18/02/2007 Several new live reviews, articles and pictures added.
The picture page has been replaced by a gallery.
There is a new Downloads page with audio and video files.
17/10/2006 Links page updated
Guestbook is now read-only. E-mail me if you would like to add a comment
24/06/2005 The guestbook is up and running again. All posts which appeared to have been lost are now displayed. Please feel free to leave a message.
24/06/2005 If anyone needs Pink Military mp3s, I may be able to download them to you via p2p. Email me for details.
15/04/2004 We have a new address - Two new articles and several new links have been added. Unfortunately, the Myplay locker has disappeared taking all the files with it. I will try to set up an alternative. The same goes for the guest book.
05/01/2003 BBC Radio 2 are running a series on the Liverpool music scene starting on Wednesday 30th January. Part 1 is the story of Eric's club. Go here for details.
02/11/2002 I was recently contacted by Nick Tuit aka Nicky Hillon. He was a founder member of Pink Military along with Jayne and jointly wrote the songs with her. He is no longer in the Music industry but is in Films & TV.
02/11/2002 This month (September) italian rock magazine MUCCHIO SELVAGGIO have put "Do animals believe in God?" in a list of the best 100 cult records of all the times and this is a beautiful thing for all of us, because young people have the choice to listen this wonderful group. (thanks Rinaldo)
02/11/2002 New sound files have been added to the Myplay locker including a track from the PM Peel session
02/11/2002 The site has, at last, been updated. Although still primarily a Pink Military site, I am including any Big In Japan and Pink Industry items which I receive. The updates are:
  • New 'News' page which incorporates site updates
  • Review and pictures of a Pink Industry gig added to the Live page
  • Interview and picture added to the Rockerillo article on the Articles page
  • New Big In Japan pictures added to the Pictures page.

If you find any problems, please let me know. Thanks again to those of you who have contributed to the site.

13/04/2002 New article added. Further update soon.
02/12/2001 New picture added
10/11/2001 Article added
10/10/2001 New picture added
23/09/2001 Live review added
22/09/2001 Lyrics page added
New picture added
Details of Peel session added to biography
22/08/2001 Coming soon - Lyrics page.
22/03/2001 Discography page updated
24/02/2001 Links page updated
24/10/2000 Links page updated


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