Jayne Casey Interview


Jayne was good enough to answer some questions about the 'Do Animals Believe In God?' album. Thanks again, Jayne, for taking the time to cast your mind back.

* * * * *

There are so many different sounds on 'Do Animals Believe In God?'. How did you come up with such an eclectic bunch of songs?

We were just playing around with ideas of sound - it was pre sampler pre digital and you were quite restricted - we were trying to take the limited technology as far as it could go.

'Did You See Her?' was probably the most commercial song on the album - I have a vague recollection of it being played on Gerald Harper's Sunday afternoon show, although I can't imagine why I was listening to it. How interested were you in commercial success?

We knew we could not be commercial because we knew that the sound was not in keeping with what was generally going down although we were ambitious enough to give it our best shot.

The album cover shows a hand opening an envelope containing small multicoloured shapes, with a red grid superimposed over it. What's that all about then?

Don't know. The artist took inspiration from the title - the hand of god shaking up the mix maybe?

Why did you drop 'Stand Alone' from your name prior to releasing the album?

The stand alone thing was a sort of in joke that had passed its sell by....

Roughly when was the last time you listened to the album?

My son is 19 and a digital musician - his early years were spent in recording studios surrounded by 80's electronic sounds so a few years ago he started listening to my old LP's it reminds him of were he started - it was interesting to listen to them again - also a lot of the DJ's have sampled bits - DJ's like Andy Weatherall grew up on early electronic music so they find it quite amusing to play Cream with a Jayne Casey sample.

If you had to play one track from the album now, which would it be?

'I cry' although i really hate the drums that come in. It should have been more electronic.

John Peel gets a credit on the album. What difference did he make to groups like you?

He was dead important because he gave independent bands some air time. He helped shape the future.

* * * * *


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