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Name: frank
Country: uk Date: Sun Jun 5 12:03:10 2005
Message: Ahh, thanks for dong this site. As bod from kirkby,( long gone) . school days on step of probe records. Now then, was 'taxi cab' a B side?

Name: ErikaE
Country: Brazil Date: Fri May 7 22:39:38 2004
Message: Hi! everybody
I'm a big fan of Pink Industry

Oh! yeah from Brazil

Name: rhys webb (Homepage)
Country: uk Date: Fri Apr 16 22:27:25 2004
Message: my friend put me on to the 'blood and lipstick ' ep and i think its fantastic. the first track i heard was 'clowntown ',i must admit i was in a rather altered state of mind at the time and it blew me away! The guitar and delay is just up my pschedelic disco punk street! and the fuzzy solos else where on the ep are amazing. needless to say i soon picked myself up a copy and the title track goes down a storm at my club in southend. (check ou the web site above) hoorah!

Name: Paul Limbrick
Country: S Wales Date: Thu Apr 15 11:30:31 2004
Message: has a copy of "Pilgrim Forest " turned up yet?

Name: grant
Country: south africa Date: Sun Mar 21 10:53:26 2004
Message: I first heard "Do animals believe in god " in 1981. I was wondering if it ever went to CD .I had it on LP , but would like the CD .

Name: John Linger (Homepage)
Country: England Date: Mon Dec 29 17:08:57 2003
Message: Bought the Blood and Lipstick ep the other day and it blew me away completely!!!Great UK post-punk at its best.Does anyone know if the other records sound the same or are different stylisticly???Im going to search them out, but i was just wondering if they were greatly different. Check out my bands site,a new UK post punk band for the future!!! oh and for the chap below


Name: alex (Homepage)
Country: uk Date: Sat Dec 13 00:04:19 2003
Message: great site, where have you been all my life

Name: Ian Stark (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Thu Nov 13 21:30:47 2003
Message: Just going through my old vynil to transfer it to mp3 and came across Do Animals Believe In God? which I bought after hearing Did You See Her? on a John Peel show in, I suppose, 1980. I'm listening to it as I write and I am now going to do a cover of it as I think it is pure brilliance. I remember arguing with someone that it was better than Vienna. Still think it is. The link above is to some of my stuff - definitely not PM style though!

And why has no-one posted here since 2001?? Sha

Name: don brown
Country: england Date: Fri Sep 12 23:03:27 2003
Message: its great to see a website for P/M everyone I've spoken to has never heard of them, but somewhere I have a vinyl album of do animals belive in god keep up the good work!

Name: paul
Country: ireland Date: Wed Oct 2 20:03:00 2002
Message: holy shit
been looking for a copy of "did you see her " since a big acid haze in the late 70s. Think i may have seen PM then but not sure. Girlfriend at the time used to sing it constantly. I'm now a 40 something sound engineer and would love to get a copy to remember great days... and to play before gigs. If anyone has any ideas ???

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